Chapter 0—Preparation

About Makzan

I’m Thomas Mak. You’ll also find me on internet as Makzan. I teach know-how via books, screencasts and classes.

I’m now in Macao to help transfering technology knowledge to Macao’s small-medium enterprise. That’s why I’m currently working at CPTTM—Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center.

Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center

We are the largest IT professional training center in Macau. We provide training on networking, app development, creative designs, 3D printing and lots more.

We also train students and teenagers to different competitions. For instance, I was the students in 2003 and won the bronze medal of web design in switzerland. I became the trainer from 2009 and brought my students to win the bronze and silver medal in London and Germany in recent years.

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